How it Works

By trading in your product with the Target Online Trade-In program, you benefit from the following simple steps.

  1. Find It: Look up your product by either typing its product name into the search field at the top of each page and selecting from one of the results that appear, or navigate by way of the "Trade-In Categories" link also at the top of each page: Identify the category, make, and model.
  2. Quote It: Answer the simple questions about your device's condition, which generally seek only to distinguish between whether it works or doesn't. If it's something other than a phone, we also need to know about accessories like chargers and external controls.
  3. Repeat It: You can trade in as many items per transaction as you like.
  4. Trade It: The checkout process requires only your name, email, and shipping address.
  5. Pack It: Please be sure to use proper packing materials to ensure that your devices don't break or scratch each other while in transit.
  6. Ship It: The final page of this site will provide you with a prepaid shipping label (carrier of your choice).
  7. Just print that and affix it to the box in which you place the product.
  8. Grading It: So long as the device you send us is both (a) the exact model, generation, carrier, and size as you quoted; and (b) as long as it is in the same functional condition you described, we will initiate payment the same week. If there is a discrepancy, we will email you directly with our findings before we proceed. Our customer service can be reached 7:00 a.m. to 10 p.m., any time zone, or by email.

You can reach our Customer Service team at 877-277-2707, or via email at

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